“Then the substanceless blue…”

This blog has been lonely for so long.  I promise I’m back for good this time, though.  This whole operation began as the chronicling of a journey, and I’m here to tell you that yet another journey has begun (I guess you could argue that every day is the beginning of a journey, buuuut I’m not ready to get that deep on you guys just yet.  I’m a little rusty, you know.).

Some of you may know that, being the insane person I am, I’ll be graduating from K a year early.  So, this year is pretty much my senior year, which, at K, means a Senior Individualized Project (or SIP).  I don’t want to go too far into the details, but a SIP is basically a senior thesis, only for undergrad.  The focus of my project is a manuscript of poems inspired by Sylvia Plath, and, more specifically her final book, Ariel. This Monday begins third week (out of ten), and I’m feeling like a space like this, where I can record all my thoughts on the project, is becoming increasingly necessary.  So, here I am.

So far I have six poems, and one of them is probably not going to be included in the final product.  Cue freak-out mode: this manuscript has to be eighty pages double spaced, which equates to maybe seventy to eighty poems.  SCARY.  That level of production, however, is one of the ways my SIP will bring me closer to the poems in Ariel, which was also written in a short time span, around this season.  The title poem begins: “Stasis in darkness./ Then the substanceless blue/ Pour of tor and distances.”  The title poem is about HORSEBACK RIDING, people!

I’m glad I’m back.  Getting this out here has gotten me all amped up about it again.  Right now, I’m writing a poem about what I want from life lately.  I could easily tell you what I DON’T want, which is cute. I’m so sick of aesthetically pleasing, of getting just what I expected, of idealism that stomps out anything interesting.  The enemies of duende.

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