No Lighthouse

So, I don’t have a ton of time to blog tonight (do I ever?) but I thought I could at least update you on some goings-on regarding writing projects that I’m excited about.

My SIP is thiiiiis close to being finished.  Just about all I have to do now is format it in the official black folder and write my preface (which will be rather fun).  At last, I’ve come to a title that I love!  No Lighthouse. The last two words in the entire SIP.  Putting that final touch on it (I’m including a final poem that I did not foresee including, and it’s the perfect final exhalation after all the other poems), made it so much more real and exciting.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new chapbook manuscript based on my consciousness and dreams class.  So far, I’ve written three new poems for it.  The poems I’ve written are based off of a handout our prof gave us indicating important details to note in our dreams (for instance: Aggression: indicate if there was any aggression in your dream.  If so, who initiated it?  Was the aggression physical or verbal?).  So far I have the poem corresponding with objects, (entitled “Chocolate cake”), one for aggression (“True crime TV”) and one for sex (“Me watching me on some kind of recording”).  I also plan on writing several poems with the titles “Theory of Consciousness” or “Dream Theory.”  The title of the manuscript will be Theories of Consciousness and Dreams: Poems.  Never before have I undertaken such a honed project, let alone one that seemed to offer itself to me so completely.

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