Well.  Obviously, the blogging every day thing did not hold up, but it was for good reason.


Things I was/am working on that led to your abandonment:

-My SIP (which is turned in and graded already…passed with honors!)

-an internship with The Smoking Poet, a local online literary magazine

-riding (which has been going so well it’s been blowing my mind)

-cooking/baking/working out.  I’m actually obsessing over starting a health and fitness blog in conjunction with this one.  I feel like the aesthetic of that blog would be very different, and I have enough material in my life to support both.


So, there you have it.  Probably one of the biggest things that has happened since I’ve been away is that one of the poems from my SIP (“Dark Custard World”) was accepted for publication in The Allegheny Review!  It’s a pretty well-recognized national undergraduate literary magazine, and a lot of writers who have been published in it have gone on to amazing careers (!!!).  I was so excited when I found out, I was manic.  It was borderline unhealthy.  I didn’t sleep that night (I found out at 10:00 pm, via e-mail), and I couldn’t eat the next day.  It didn’t help that Di, Nick, Rebecca and I all trekked over to U of M to see D.A. Powell read that same day…so many exciting poetry happenings, my brain was short circuiting.

I have been given so many wonderful opportunities this year, poetry-wise.  It’s incredible, and almost terrifying, to think about where the future may lead.  It’s funny, because I’ve never thought of myself as the sort of person who climbs ladders or tries to network.  It appears that good things don’t ONLY happen to lucky people, though.  I really am just enthralled by poetry, I eat it and breathe it and live it, and that has opened doors for me more than anything else has.

So, I’ll be around.  I’m working on some interesting things for The Smoking Poet (interviews, book reviews) that have given me some skills I will channel into this blog in the future.  For now, just be on the lookout.  If you’re interested in reading “Dark Custard World,” you can order a copy of the Allegheny Review for only $4.00:

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