About Me

I’m a girl-type-human in my early twenties trying to lead a life focused on poetry and philosophy.  I’m currently living in a tiny basement apartment in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with my neurotic dog and my boyfriend-bestfriend-type human.

This blog began as a journal of my escapades in a study-away program in New York City. Earlier entries will read as “I-did-this-I-did-that” kind of journals. Since returning, the blog floated along in a strange vein to which I was not loyal. My hope for it is that it might become a place I can share any and all writing of my choosing, because fucklabelsandeverything I’m a free bird and stuff.

I: write poems, read books, blather on about philosophy, make coffee for a (measly) living, lift weights, run (if the mood strikes me), make attempts to eat real food, sing and play the flute in a friend’s band, and am doing my best to at least start figuring out how to take care of myself.


Thanks for reading, suckaaaahs!



2 Responses to About Me

  1. Grace DeHaan says:

    Hey Kim. This is so awesome. Since you are in the process of “metamorphisizing”;). I would like to share the the definition of perfectionist that I now embrace…..perfect/perfectionist=what is!!! All is perfect just as it is!!! The understanding that most have of a perfectionist, should really be called imperfectionist, because they are more concerned with what is not “perfect”;)) Since growth and change are on the agenda for NYC……embrace the new perfectionist in you! (speaking from the mouth of a former imperfectionist!!!). Have a blast~grace

    • Kim says:

      Hey, Grace! Thanks so much for your advice. It’s funny that I just discovered this comment, because I literally purchased a book called “Present Perfect” only a couple hours ago on the very subject. The premise is similar to everything you just said! It’s by a psychologist by the name of Pavel Somov. So far it’s very interesting and helpful!

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